Love Script kdrama in Hindi Dubbed All Episode

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Love Script kdrama in Hindi Dubbed All Episode

Movie: Love Script Full Movie
Genre: Drama
Duration: 60 min
IMDB: 7.8/10
Release Date: December 20, 2020
Language: Hindi Dubbed
Source: HD Quality
480p: 480MB
720p: 1GB
1080p: 2GB
Starcast: Xiangyu Dai ,Xinmo Ma ,Luorong Wanyan,Dafei Zhuang

Qick Story:

As a man with good looks, a high IQ, and incredible wealth, Zhu Xuan Wen
wants for nothing. Somewhat of a rarity, he is the sort of man women dream
about, and men wish they could be. Yet, Xuan Wen is not what he seems.
Involved in a car accident at a young age, he developed a strange neurosis
that worsened with time. Believing he is the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor Jianwen,
Xuan Wen cares only for the prosperity of his imaginary empire. He has
relegated his daily responsibilities, including his company’s management in
the hands of others, preferring to build himself a palace from which to
manage his thriving fictional empire. 

Those closest to him agree they need to seek professional help on his
behalf. Luo Kai Huai, a mental health professional whose desperate need for
money prompts her to take on Xuan Wen’s unusual condition. Kai Huai becomes
a part of his world as a member of the emperor’s harem. Now she must find a
way to help Xuan Wen, who constantly attempts to drive her away, making her
job all but impossible. Constantly clashing with the would-be emperor, Kai
Huai must find a way to help Xuan Wen, but how?

Love Script Full Movie Images:

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title="Love Script kdrama in Hindi Dubbed All Episode"

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